Your Floral Arrangements Should Never Go Commando!

Looking to add a little flare to your floral design? No need to continue scrolling endlessly through TikTok or browsing Pinterest’s various DIY projects. Here’s a simple and easy trick to take your floral arrangements to the next level, leaving your guests to marvel at how you thought of every little detail for your big day and how perfectly you executed it!

Going Commando is Not in Style!

While some can say they’ve “seen it all” at weddings, we promise you that no one needs to be frolicking around commando during your wedding – a rule that also applies to your floral arrangements! If you’re planning to arrange your own florals for your big day, use this simple trick to ensure your floral arrangements have all their bases covered!

Step 1: Envisioning your Arrangement

Before you begin, you’ll want to ensure you have a clear vision on how you would like your florals to be arranged. You’ll want to have your flowers picked out, making sure they compliment your theme, color scheme, or represent another special aspect pertaining to your wedding. Once you have these details solidified, you’re ready to buy your flowers and clear vases!

Step 2: Ready, Set, Arrange! 

Now that you’ve picked out your soon to be beautiful floral arrangements, it’s time to arrange the flowers! Grab your clear vase and begin to place your flowers in the vase to your liking. The key step here is to save all the leftover flowers and leaves that you will not be using in your arrangements!

Step 3: Covering all your Bases

Que the extra flowers and leaves, here’s where we will ensure your flowers will not be going commando on your big day! Grab your favorite pair of scissors from your junk drawer and get cutting! You’ll want to cut each and every leftover flower off the stem, separate the petals from one another and cut any leaves off the stems! To top off your florals, you’re going to carefully place all of these extra petals and leaves in your vase so they are free floating around your arrangement. You may need to use a long item, such as a spoon, to gently push the petals and leaves down to the bottom of the vase. You’ll want to ensure you’ve placed enough florals in your vase to cover all of the stems in your arrangement. Remember, no one is going commando during your wedding, not even your flower arrangements!

Step 4: Admire your Creation

Congratulations! You’ve now completed one more task on your to-do list before your big day! Your beautiful floral arrangements are now out of the way and you can focus on the next task! Not only is covering the stems in your floral arrangements a wonderful way to spice up the flowers for your wedding, it’s a simple trick that can be used on any occasion when you want to take your florals up a notch! Happy arranging!

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