How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Every couple has a different style. Some want specific color schemes or a theme, others are looking more for a specific feel or vibe. One of the biggest decisions you make about your wedding is capturing it via photography. Since every photographer pro has their own style, it’s a great idea to try to find… Read More

What’s the Best Time of Year to Get Married in Maine?

What makes Maine special (in my opinion- from a girl who has lived here most of her life) are the four seasons we have the luxury of enjoying. Each one brings its own unique adventure, allowing a couple to further personalize their wedding experience. Winter is for outdoor sports and cozy indoor relaxing. If you… Read More

What Wedding Design Elements Make The Most Visual Impact?

There are ideas and wedding design galore on Instagram and social media. Image after image to help you visualize your wedding’s full design potential. It’s fun to think about all the possibilities! But where is your energy best spent? From Maine and beyond, we have had the pleasure of seeing wedding industry designers create the… Read More

What Do I Have to Do to Get Married in Maine?

Getting married in Maine is not only one of my favorite things to help with, it’s also relatively easy! Here are the steps for just what you need to do about getting your marriage license to get legally married in Maine. You can get married in a park, on the ocean, at a town hall,… Read More

Your Floral Arrangements Should Never Go Commando!

Looking to add a little flare to your floral design? No need to continue scrolling endlessly through TikTok or browsing Pinterest’s various DIY projects. Here’s a simple and easy trick to take your floral arrangements to the next level, leaving your guests to marvel at how you thought of every little detail for your big day and how… Read More

Getting Married in Maine: How To

Between its high seas and pine tree forests, quaint fishing villages and trendy cities, it’s no secret that Maine is the best state to get married in. Whether you’re a year round resident or familiar with visiting for special occasions, you’ll want to know how to get married in Maine. We’ve got you covered! How… Read More

Hotel Room Blocks: Everything You Need to Know

Reserving a comfortable, convenient, and affordable place for your out-of-town guests to stay is a key part of your wedding preparation. Figuring out where your guests can find that? Not so easy.  That’s where we come in, the expert planners. We’re here to help you through the process of reserving a hotel room block: the… Read More

Children at Weddings: Pros and Cons

Jamie Mercurio Photography Inviting the kiddos. Yes or no?   When it comes to finalizing the guest-list, there are two options. Invite the kiddos,  or don’t…  One couple coos over and envisions flower girls tossing petals down the aisle and tearing up the dance floor with a toddler. Another couple thinks about cranky toddlers staying up past… Read More

What Will Wedding Flowers Cost

  Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, literally. There’s nothing like the feeling of walking down the aisle, holding a beautiful bouquet that’s been put together seamlessly- or seeing your guests gush over the foliage, textures, and colors of your floral arrangements that light up the day.   Photo by Brendan Bullock Photography  … Read More

Purple Orchid Team’s Favorite Dessert And Drink Pairings

There are so many magical moments at weddings, and despite working in the industry for a decade, it is still impossible to choose one favorite part of event day. That being said, there is always something so heartwarming about the after-dinner portion of the evening. The combination of guests refueling with sweet desserts and refreshing… Read More

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