Purple Orchid Team’s Favorite Dessert And Drink Pairings

There are so many magical moments at weddings, and despite working in the industry for a decade, it is still impossible to choose one favorite part of event day. That being said, there is always something so heartwarming about the after-dinner portion of the evening. The combination of guests refueling with sweet desserts and refreshing drinks epitomizes fun. So we figured, why not bring you that same magic of drink and dessert pairings at home? Sadly – no live band included.

First up, we have a sweet treat featuring a Maine staple this time of year – fresh berries! For a fresh berry tart, we recommend a pairing with a sparkling wine, either Prosecco or Champagne. This combo is light, sweet and hits the spot. Plus, you get bonus points if you drop a few berries directly into the Champagne flute. Perhaps it will even inspire an impromptu Champagne toast in honor of a loved one!

Of course, we have to include something along the lines of a wedding cake. So, up next we have lemon cake paired with one of our favorite specialty cocktails – a Hugo Spritz! A Hugo Spritz features both elderflower and mint flavors – making it both sweet and punchy – kind of like us. Pair this with a light lemon cake, and you might truly feel like you are on vacation. Check out this recipe from With Two Spoons for a perfect Hugo Spritz.

Because we are huge fans of the ever-growing craft beer scene here in Portland, Maine, we would be remiss if we didn’t include a beer and dessert pairing. For our beer, we selected a double or imperial IPA. Double IPAs have large amounts of hops balanced out with malt flavors. This flavorful beer tends to pair well with super sweet desserts, so we’ve chosen to pair it with carrot cake. Why, you may ask? Because carrots are a vegetable, so this pairing can essentially count as yo ur veggie serving for the day. In all seriousness, decadent carrot cake is balanced perfectly by a flavorful double IPA. We recommend trying Dinner Double IPA by local favorite Maine Beer Co or Tessellation Double IPA by Lone Pine. Cheers!

What has been your favorite dessert and drink pairing since being at home? Leave us a comment so we can try it out!

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