Behind the Scenes of Ask the Expert

Our friends at Real Maine Weddings – a magazine, blog, and source of wedding planning inspiration – featured our fearless leader, Kristina Slocum as their expert of the month. In the article (featured below), Kristina gets into some of the different value that a planner can do for you. But at the Purple Orchid, what we will do to make your day seamless and relaxed is pretty much limitless, so we thought we would share a few others.

Our job is to make your day more relaxed, fun, and carefree. So as one of our clients, you might never realize half of the fires we put out before they started on your wedding day – which is exactly the way we like it.

Our team will (and has before)…

… get pesto stains off a wedding gown

… search deep in the woods to find the perfect rock that evens out an off balance table

… do first aid on injured bridesmaids

… drive miles up the road to find a DJ that missed his turn

… do coffee runs for all the worn out vendors

… stay late to pick up pizzas for the after party

… clean up when other vendors leave a mess

… take your dog out (please, please ask us to do this! Especially if it’s a puppy)

… entertain babies while Momma’s have to run to the bathroom

… pin together an ill-fitting dress with an extra boutonnière, somehow making a beautiful dress even more stunning

… speaking of boutonnières, we help put them on. Might sound small, but it can save a lot of stress

… run to the store to get that key ingredient of the signature cocktail

… orchestrate a dancing parade through Portland, complete with jazz music

… sneak the bride and groom appetizers, when they just need a moment to chill together

… just be a listening ear, a warm hug, and a friend, if that’s what you need

… pretty much anything else

The list goes on and on. If we coordinated your wedding, what is one out-of-the-ordinary thing we helped you with?

Here’s the article! To read the entire current issue, head to Real Maine Weddings!

Behind the Scenes of Ask the Expert Behind the Scenes of Ask the Expert

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