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Happy weekend! Today kicks off our first [two] weddings of the season for us here at Purple Orchid! We are super excited to get the season started with two rockstar couples.

We love, love, love everything love and wedding related around these parts and sharing our wedding related inspiration, but thought it would be fun to step outside the wedding sphere and explore some of our other favorite finds!

this week’s favorite finds:

Step-by-step instructions for grilled pizza? Yes, please!

Could you give up TV for a month? But what about Game of Thrones? Nashville? HGTV?

Your favorite new podcast: Modern Love. You’re welcome.

The best milkshakes in every state. Shout out to Duckfat for taking the cake here in Maine.

Time to hit the beach and read the best new books this month.

Hitting snooze more than once? Trick yourself into becoming a morning person.

They say airports are the best for people watching, here’s 9 types of people you may find.

How perfect is this chocolate fudge cake?

We can't wait to get to know you!