Memorable Wedding 101


I need to warn you- this post is not about trends or glitz. It’s not sexy- but sometimes wedding planning isn’t sexy.

When I stopped to reflect on what makes for the most memorable wedding- it was not the food, games at cocktail hour, the martini luge or even the open bar (even though that did create some of the most memorable photos). It was about organization, hospitality and feeling the couples love for one another throughout the day.

  • Organization- When hosting a wedding, first things first, you need to be organized. Regardless if it is for 5 or 500 guests. *A schedule of events for the day can be your best tool when incorporating all your major moments. If you do not have a schedule of events- details could be forgotten and you worked way too hard for that to happen.
  • Stick with a budget- Believe me, I know it is hard! Create a budget you can be happy with. Categorize your expenses and rank them from high importance to low importance. Higher importance might have you go over budget slightly- but low importance, might allow you to save a little.
  • Purpose- I understand the purpose of a wedding, to share one of the most important days with the people you love and that love you.  . . More importantly- it is about sharing that day with each other! Don’t forget about each other throughout the day.

Show guests your shared love through all the fun elements of your wedding; from escort cards, love letters draped on the walls, to his and her inspired cocktails . . . share your stories. Not everyone knows how you met. Can you create a visual story somehow? Remember, this day is about you two showing and sharing your love- have fun with it- guests will remember that.

  • Hospitality- Friends and family are traveling great distances and spending good money to be with you- when creating a memorable event- remember to have your guests in mind too! This can be as simple as an information card at the front desk of a hotel, a breakfast basket at the home they rented, transportation to and from reception. Handwritten notes are time consuming but can make any guest feel special.

I hope this helps you or someone you know plan the next wedding. If you have more to add, please do so. For questions, I can always be reached at

Happy memorable Planning,


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