Tips for Tented Weddings

Tented weddings are incredibly popular for Maine summer weddings, and we must say – we’re huge fans! Tents are a great option for expanding the capacity of a venue, allowing guests to enjoy a summer evening’s breeze, and increased views and proximity to the water.

That being said, there can be some important logistical things to consider when planning a tented wedding. With tented weddings being an area of expertise at Purple Orchid Events, we thought we would share a few helpful things to think about.

Visit the Venue Location

One important thing to note before deciding to pitch a tent is that a large, flat enough area is needed. This can be difficult to determine from pictures and maps. We recommend always checking out the venue in person prior to deciding on a tent. If possible, take a planner or other expert with you who can help determine whether the place is a good fit for a tent.

Think about a Plan B

Tents are often used for locations right by the water or in nature. While this may lead many people to want to have an outdoor ceremony, it is important to think about a backup option in case it rains. Is there a barn or other covered structure that can be used? If not, is there a way for your ceremony set up to occur under a tent? Think about what you would need to fit under a tent when considering which size is best for your event.

Work with the Pros

Tents create different logistical questions than other wedding venues. When you are complying your vendors, make sure to ask them if they have experience with tents. Does your planner specialize in tented weddings? Some do, and its worth working with one of them to make sure all your questions are handled. Is the caterer able to work without a kitchen? Handle serving inside a tent?

Create More Space

If the weather is looking nice, consider additional furniture and lighting options for outside the tent. Cute patio furniture or couches can provide spaces for guests who aren’t in the mood to dance or want to spend time in the outdoors. Mention this to your planner, who can help you make adjustments to make space for the furniture inside if the weather gets bad.

We love a tent that adds to the backdrop! Photo by Cait Bourgault Photography

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