Preliminary Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist – A lot goes into planning your dream wedding. It can be a little daunting, and sometimes people don’t know where to begin. As life-long planners (by trade and personality), we are big proponents of checklists to stay organized.

Our advice is to start with the big picture and then get to all those special details, which is why we devised the perfect preliminary wedding checklist to get you started. 

Consult a calendar

Weekends tend to fill up quickly! If you are set on a certain time of year, check out a calendar to get a sense of which weekends might be a good fit for you.

Location, location, location!

Do you want to get married in your hometown? Your favorite vacation spot? A place special to you and your partner? Having a location in mind helps to narrow the venue search. 

Get inspired!

Pinterest and vendor blogs are a great way to start dreaming up your desired design. You can even check out the blogs of planners and photographers in your area to find inspiration and start thinking about vendors. 

Think about a budget

Money matters – but you can make magic happen with any budget. It is important to be clear with expectations about how much you can spend and what this will mean for your wedding. Make a budget early, so you don’t commit to something you that isn’t the right financial fit.

Talk about size

Discuss the size of your wedding with your partner. Do you want something big, small, or somewhere in between? Make sure to factor your budget and the location of the wedding into this conversation. Settling on a general size makes drafting the guest list a bit easier. 

Reach out to planners

Need some guidance? Try reaching out to planners in your preferred location to see if they could be a good fit for you. Even if you think it isn’t in the budget, you might be surprised at the services they offer within your price point.  

Have fun!

Don’t forget that weddings are meant to be a celebration of you and your partner – a love filled party with all of your closest friends and family! 

Wedding Checklist
Happy planning! 
Photo by Jamie Mecurio

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