personal touches: Photo Books + Polaroid Cameras

Photo Books – Without a doubt, one of the most special parts of any wedding is the silly, light moments shared between guests. New friendships made, old ones rekindled, and buddies from all walks of life mixing on the dance floor is truly what makes the day special. We so often wish that we could bottle up this feeling – one of being absolutely surrounded by love – and save it forever. While modern science hasn’t quite caught up with that idea, we find that picture books created by your guests tend to do a pretty good job of catching those silly in-between moments.

We’re breaking down where to get all the goodies you need for the perfect polaroid station below. Now all you need to do is smile wide for the camera!


Guests can take snaps of each other and they’ll be printed instantly. Pass around the camera to all your friends, and you’ll be amazed at what pictures you find in the guest book at the end of the night! Just know, the film is a little expensive and guests typically snap 2 to 3 photos each. Say cheese!  Mini Instax camera 

DSLR camera on a tripod. Have a remote control that can be used to take a photo or find some friends to stand behind the lens for a bit. Do you have someone with the knowledge to check the settings periodically, especially as the light changes. What you don’t want is a glaring flash, so a recommendation would be to set up a ring light or buying a speedlite flash. You will then have the photos digitally saved to share on an online album with friends.

A selfie stick with a good quality phone is basic but will do the trick. If the guests use their own phone, make sure they’re uploading them to social media with a specific hashtag so you can find them all again. highly-rated selfie stick 

Guest Photo Books

You can find beautiful covered books on etsy.

personal touches: Photo Books + Polaroid Cameras

Photo by Christina Bernales


We recommend gel pens to match your wedding colors. *Just remember, make sure the guest book you purchase, can absorb the ink in what ever style you buy.

Double-Sided Tape

Make it easy for guests to peel and stick- no one wants to be messing around with tape all evening. Add it to your amazon order.


Lots and lots of film!


With your wedding #hashtag and directions is always helpful. I recommend etsy again for this.

Mini trash can, which we can get from Nonantum.

Photo Booth Options:

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Maine Photo Camper

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