steps to consider when planning a tented wedding in maine

One hard realization many of our clients have when planning a tented wedding in Maine, is that this is not going to save anyone money. We completely understand you will have the pleasure of inviting loved ones and your closest friends to a family home or maybe a place you have grown up summering. However, please note, this will only save you money on the venue. Our blatant truth is in NO way to discourage you- we LOVE tented weddings. Just know, renting a tent and everything that goes in it, will start to add up. The benefit, is that you can have as much creativity as you desire and often, the views and location are worth every penny.

Great, so you have the wedding location and a date! Now you need a tent. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of great rental companies in Maine. Just remember, some companies such as Sperry Tents Seacoast, only rent (amazing) tents and floors while other rental companies can source you with the entire package- from tents to spoons. To save time and money, you might think about limiting your rental companies to a few favorites.

In addition to tents and all the wedding fixings (tent sides, tables, chairs, linen, china, silverware) you will also have to think about a catering space (kitchen, garage or other rented covered area). Oftentimes, catering tents and equipment will need to be rented by the couple. As another reminder, some companies can also supply you with wedding props, decorations and stylish décor.

Other major considerations when planning a tented wedding in Maine:

Bathrooms, Sexy I know- but bathrooms are a necessity. Most septic systems will not be able to accommodate the number of guests that will be attending your wedding.

Wedding Insurance, if you plan on having a party in the great Maine outdoors, please consider all weather elements, as well as gathering a large amount of people in one place. Wedding Insurance can be offered through most home-owners insurance.

Bartenders- Is this something your catering team is going to handle? Who has the insurance?

Trash– Who will be taking care of the trash? The catering team or is it the person who oversees the property?

Tented Weddings can be well worth time, effort, and money that goes into planning one. They can be simple or as elaborate as you want. Hopefully these tips can help you along the way in planning a perfect tented wedding- either in Maine or Beyond.

steps to consider when planning a tented wedding in maine


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